Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Moving Day

Although a frost hasn't nipped any plants at Tomie's home, friends in neighboring towns have seen frost on their plants several mornings during this week. So, it was time to begin moving pots of plants vulnerable to cold temperatures to a safe indoor environment.

Pots of cordyline and elephant ears are in the truck, and will be moved into a greenhouse. Earlier, I moved three truckloads of large pots of agapanthus into the heated garage next door. Yesterday, I moved a back-breaking pot containing an old Christmas cactus.

More pots of elephants ears, citrus plants, mandevilla, Christmas cactus, clivia, and seventy amaryllis pots still need to be moved.

After the plants are moved, two dozen Oriental poppies, 1000 daffodils and 700 tulips need to be planted.

It's a spectacular fall day today, but winter IS around the corner. And, a lot needs to be accomplished before the first snow.