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Class of 1952

Top Photo, Left to Right: Jean Hoffarth ("Huffie"), Tomie, Carol Morrissey Greiner, Patty Clark Wiech, Jean Houdlette Turco

Middle Photo, Left to Right: Lew Turco, Alice VanLeuvan Hekster, Sue Greiner Keenan, Jean Houdlette Turco, Tomie

Bottom Photo, Left to Right: Georgia Bradley Gast, Lew Turco, Alice VanLeuvan Hekster, Jean Houdlette Turco

The Meriden (Connecticut) High School Class of 1952 loves to get together. The reason for this event was to celebrate everyone's 80th birthday.

Carol Morrissey was Tomie's dancing partner. She wasn't in Tomie's high school graduating class, but her late husband Bill Greiner, was in Tomie's class. Sue Greiner Keenan is Carol and Bill's daughter.

Patty Clark and Jeannie Houdlette have made appearances in Tomie's books.

Alice VanLeuvan Hekster traveled from Holland.

Feast of St. Anne (Correction: JULY 26 is the Feast Day.)

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

An Afternoon of Storytelling and Laughter

Left to Right: Mother Alma, Mother Lioba, Mother Praxedes, Tomie, Mother Abbess David, Sister Gregory, Mother Noella

After visiting the Wolffs in Bantam, Connecticut, on Saturday, Tomie visited his friends at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, Connecticut. Pictured above are some of the nuns who sat with Tomie, and chatted, laughed and told stories for three hours. (Mother Praxedes is the niece of Mother Placid, Tomie's dear dear friend, who died a year or so ago.)

Tomie was able to see the restored creche before leaving the Abbey's grounds.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Visit with the Wolffs

This past Saturday, Tomie visited Guy Wolff, and his daughter Elizabeth, for about three hours at Guy's shop and their home in Bantam, Connecticut. Guy is a famous potter and Lizzy is an illustrator.

Suzanne Staubach's wonderful book on Guy is GUY WOLFF: MASTER POTTER IN THE GARDEN.

Feast of St. John the Baptist

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Which Reminds Me...

This past Friday, Tomie had dinner with Gerry Meoni, a longtime dePaola family friend, and Tabitha, Gerry's brother's granddaughter. Tabitha lives in Virginia, and was visiting Gerry for a few days.

Dinner was at J. Christian's in Wallingford, Connecticut, a wonderful restaurant. The J. Christian's space was once a bank. It also was once a bookstore at which Tomie autographed.

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Today We Learned

Today we learned that the rafters above the office are full of flying squirrels. A "wildlife control technician" delivered the news. He, Brandon, has started the "control" process.

Also today, we noticed a fox skull on the deck off of the kitchen.

What will we learn tomorrow?

Peace for All, Fourth Day

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Flag Day

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Anne Frank

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June First

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