Thursday, June 26, 2014

Class of 1952

Top Photo, Left to Right: Jean Hoffarth ("Huffie"), Tomie, Carol Morrissey Greiner, Patty Clark Wiech, Jean Houdlette Turco

Middle Photo, Left to Right: Lew Turco, Alice VanLeuvan Hekster, Sue Greiner Keenan, Jean Houdlette Turco, Tomie

Bottom Photo, Left to Right: Georgia Bradley Gast, Lew Turco, Alice VanLeuvan Hekster, Jean Houdlette Turco

The Meriden (Connecticut) High School Class of 1952 loves to get together. The reason for this event was to celebrate everyone's 80th birthday.

Carol Morrissey was Tomie's dancing partner. She wasn't in Tomie's high school graduating class, but her late husband Bill Greiner, was in Tomie's class. Sue Greiner Keenan is Carol and Bill's daughter.

Patty Clark and Jeannie Houdlette have made appearances in Tomie's books.

Alice VanLeuvan Hekster traveled from Holland.