Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What a Summah!

Tomie's Golden Years, or recent Golden Months, have been a bit tarnished.

He had a seemingly never-ending pneumonia last winter.

This spring, carpal tunnel in his right hand came back. (Several years ago, he had surgery for carpal tunnel.) The doctor did not want to perform another surgery. He wanted to try alternative therapies. His first choice was prednisone for several weeks, but the prednisone had no effect on the hand.

Yet, the prednisone may have affected Tomie's immune system, and a wound on his foot became seriously infected. The foot seems to be healing without the need to go to a "wound clinic," but Tomie has had to make weekly and sometimes twice weekly visits to the foot doctor for check-ups.

The hand surgeon has now decided to perform another carpal tunnel surgery. He believed the surgery needed to be done asap, and worked his schedule around Tomie's schedule.

Hand surgery is scheduled for September 18. If you believe in the power of collective good thoughts, we hope you'll remember Tomie on the 18th. He'll really appreciate it.