Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Food Is Awful!

Tomie is recovering well from Friday's carpal tunnel surgery. The surgery took a bit longer than the carpal tunnel surgery he had a few years ago. The doctor noticed this time an unusual congenital condition in Tomie's wrist that he last saw in a patient ten years ago.

The right wrist and arm were put in a hard cast. (The doctor hadn't expected the need for a hard cast during earlier discussions.) The doctor was relieved to hear that the book tour had been canceled as he had planned on asking Tomie to cancel the tour to give the wrist the best chance to recover. The doctor is optimistic about recovery.

The convalescent home (Tomie's home) is very nice although the food isn't very good while the cook is laid up.

(The blood transfusion made a positive difference in Tomie's breathing.)