Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Canadian Fruitcake Challenge: Jennette v. Stephanie - About the Judge

Anne is an advertising company owner in the fashion world in New York City. She is Harvard-educated. She loves to travel. She reads voraciously, and cannot wait for the next Twilight series book. She loves to catch snowflakes, and run barefoot on the beaches of the 'bu. She attends funerals in Europe of long-deceased royalty. Her brussels sprouts are beyond. Her favorite music genre is Country and Western, but is quick to get down to the music of the Jonas Brothers. Favorite fashion icons: the Olsen twins. Favorite TV show: High School Musical. She has no prejudices regarding fruitcake. When asked to be the judge for Round Two of the Canadian Fruitcake Challenge: Jennette v. Stephanie, she exclaimed, "I'm not worthy." Nevertheless, she spent hours, literally hours, online researching fruitcakes.