Saturday, January 15, 2011

This One's Dedicated to...

Tomie told the Marklin family last night that he had dedicated his newest book, LET THE WHOLE EARTH SING PRAISE, to them. He gave the Marklins an Advance Copy.

Left to Right: Martin (aka Skip), Judith (the athlete), Matthias (the techno wiz), Tomie (the Wilder Award winner), Simeon (the financial prodigy), Anna (holding book, aka the restaurateur), Christine (aka Mrs. Skip). Bronte (the dog) is in the foreground trying to get attention.

Later in the evening, the Marklins shared an iPad slideshow of their recent trip to Israel and Egypt.

LET THE WHOLE EARTH SING PRAISE, G. P. Putnam's Sons. Publication date: Thursday, January 20, 2011.