Friday, May 20, 2011

You're a Good Man, Tomie dePaola

Mrs. Gianino's first grade class at PS 5 in Staten Island, New York, wrote LONG letters after their elaborate author study. They even had a copy of the first book that I wrote and illustrated, THE WONDERFUL DRAGON OF TIMLIN.

Paige: I am a twin sister. My sister is Julianna and she was born first. She wanted to get out of the cave first so she was born first.

Brian: I really wish you had your own museum. You can hire your own story reader that reads your books. Your writing is so good. I would like everyone to write like you. Your books are funny like another author, Eric Carle. 26 Fairmount Avenue has something that is related to my mom's life. When you moved into your new house, my mom did too. When you went to an apartment when your house was being built, I did the same thing. Your mom is nice. Your dad is busy. Nana amazing, Tom mischievious, Uncle Charles generous, Buddy honest, I learned about your family... I'm thanking you for making all these books and all of the hard work. You are a good man.

Tomie: Thanks!