Monday, August 22, 2011

The Tomie dePaola Historical Museum Library and Bookstore

Emily and Nathan live in Portland, Connecticut.

"We so enjoyed your descriptions of 26 Fairmount Avenue that we decided to go visit it this week. We were very saddend and dissapointed to see that it had been abandonned and disrespected by its last owners. We would like to suggest that you buy your childhood house back again since it is now up for sale. I would suggest making it into a museum, library, bookstore or historical site."

Tomie: I was in Meriden, Connecticut, not long after receiving your letter and I drove by the house. It does look a bit sad. It was a great place to live when I was young. A lot of great memories came to me as I drove through the neighborhood. But, I don't think I'll buy the house.