Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 Canadian Fruitcake Challenge: A Winner Is Crowned! (Drum Roll)

Anna is holding the winner of the 2011 Canadian Fruitcake Challenge: Jennette's almond-topped fruitcake (or Christmas cake as the Canadians call it). Jennette is from Vancouver as are all of the other competitors. The esteemed Marklin Family of Judges, left to right: Christine, Matthias, Anna, Simeon, Martin. Tomie monitored the judging in his kitchen.

Second place went to Ted and third place went to Roberta.

If you look at the photos on January 3, Ted's cake is the cake at the top of the top photo. Jennette's cake is in the bottom photo in the middle. Roberta's cake is in the bottom photo at the bottom.

The Canadians have decided that this was the last Fruitcake Challenge. So sad. Too much competition amongst friends?

The Marklin Family of Judges has moved on to the next competition. Are they judging haggis in Scotland? (Daughter Judith didn't understand the importance of this fruitcake competition and chose to stay in Germany to continue her studies.)