Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Long and Boring Walk

Bronte is doing well, we believe.

The barn floor is concrete. We've placed carpet mats from one end of the barn to the other end down the center of the barn. We're calling this carpeted center area the "safe zone." That is, Bronte will not run into anything if he stays on the carpet mats. If he ventures off of the mats onto the concrete floor, he might run into something and hit his head.

His dog bed is an inch or so off of the safe zone. His water bowl and food bowl are on another piece of carpeting right off of the safe zone.

We've seen Bronte go to his water bowl five times without directional guidance. Triumph!

Bronte loves to go outside for "walks" in the yard.

I had read that walks with a blind dog are boring for the walker and a sniff-fest for the dog. The walker has to be patient.

It used to take 10 minutes to walk around Tomie's yard. It now takes three times that amount. It still only takes 10 minutes to walk, but it takes 20 minutes to stand and sniff.

Bronte is "seeing" with his nose and ears. It's fascinating to watch him stand and "see," but after a few minutes, it is also very boring for the walker.

When he does walk, he sometimes trots like a horse. He seems quite happy during those moments.

We don't think he's in any pain and we think he's adjusting well. Old habits are returning: begging at the table for food, putting his head between legs for rubbing, finding his dog bed and toys in the house, barking at loud outside noises (the UPS truck, etc.)...

If we're gone for several hours, we've been able to find someone to sit with him. If we plan to be away only a couple of hours, we leave him alone. He seems to stick to his dog bed and the safe zone.

So, Bronte seems to be doing just fine.