Friday, November 30, 2012

It was time.

Tomie picked out a new cell phone in 2006. He told the clerk he wanted a phone that made phone calls and nothing else. He didn't want "bells and whistles." He didn't want to play music. He didn't want to search the internet.

The phone he got was a flip phone with large letters and numbers for dialing and viewing. We assumed the phone was designed for children, or for persons "of age."

But now, his 2006 model won't hold a charge and the battery is warped.

It was time to get a new cell phone.

We went to the local Verizon Wireless store and he got an iPhone4. The phone was free, and it was similar to my phone. The assumption was that I could teach him how to use it.

He had to return once to the store because of some glitches, but Will whom he's known since Will was in grade school, quickly resolved the issues.

Tomie has successfully made a couple of phone calls. But now, he wants to learn about the other capabilities of the phone. 

Challenges ahead!