Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Raucous Tomie dePaola Day

Mrs. de Cristofano's first grade class at Sea Girt Elementary in Sea Girt, NJ, wrote letters.

Mrs. D wrote: The first grade class at Sea Girt Elementary School recently celebrated Tomie dePaola Day, a fabulous day filled with mindful activities which included making a Tomie dePaola mural for a hallway display, publishing our own books (using I LOVE YOU, SUN; I LOVE YOU, MOON as a launching point), and making pancakes (for snack) in the school kitchen. We read as many of your special and dear stories as possible, and the children concluded the day with games centered around the ideas and themes of your stories; this culmination of events included a pasta toss game (picture "hot potato" but with large handfuls of spaghetti!). Raucous!

Tomie: How wonderful it would have been to see photographs of the pasta toss game. Clean-up in Mrs. D's classroom! The janitors must love Mrs. D.