Monday, September 16, 2013

Non-Stop Laughter

Left to Right: Kara Berns, Tomie, Connie Appel, Cherie Bradbury

Tomie's 79th birthday celebration began Saturday night with dinner at Burdick's and three "surprise" guests. The stories and laughter started the minute Janet and David Kidder arrived in Tomie's driveway and we all got in the car for the drive to Walpole, NH, and Burdick's. Marianna McGuffin met us at the restaurant.

The celebration and laughter continued during the day on Sunday with emails and phone calls, and dinner at Pine in the Hanover Inn across from Dartmouth College, with two "surprise" guests and a last minute addition.

Kara and Cherie are nurses in Specialty Services at New London Hospital. Tomie sees them every Wednesday when his anemia is monitored. Sonya and Melissa, former Specialty Services nurses, were also invited, but cancelled because they were feeling ill.

So, I called Connie, former co-owner of Morgan Hill Bookstore, and invited her to join us for dinner if she could be ready in twenty minutes. She was ready in fifteen - hair washed and all dolled up.

One more small dinner on Tuesday night to close out Year 79.