Sunday, December 21, 2008

Having a WHITE Christmas Is Overrated

Here's the big wreath. Or, here's snow and something that once resembled a big wreath.

We went to the last two autographings of 2008 this weekend. The drive yesterday to and from Nashua, New Hampshire, wasn't very pleasant because the windshield washer system on the two-month-old Saab wasn't functioning.

Today, the drive to and from Contoocook, New Hampshire, wasn't very pleasant because it was snowing. Our speed maxed at 50 mph, and was often 35-40 mph in a four-wheel-drive, two-day-old truck.

Tomie has a wicked cold and cough. The Aussies are coming Tuesday. The Christmas party is Boxing Day.

Christmastime is coming together exactly as planned, or not.