Saturday, December 27, 2008

We Have a Winner!

The Fruitcake Australian Judges awarded Jennette's fruitcake a 20. That means - drum roll - Stephanie is the 2008 Best of the Dueling Canadian Fruitcakes Winner! Congratulations, Stephanie!

Better luck next year, J!

The judges are now en route to Kennedy Airport in New York. This evening, they'll fly to Barcelona, later to Paris, back to New York City, and then Fraser and Jenny will return to Australia. Tony will remain in the USA for scheduled speaking engagements (that's right, HE'S the popular educational speaker Tony Stead).

I don't know if the judges will judge fruitcakes in Barcelona and Paris.

I imagine the Vancouver, British Columbia, gals - Jennette and Stephanie - will be spending 2009 perfecting their recipes. Game on!

Analysis: The young judge liked Jennette's fruitcake best, but the old judges prevailed as they preferred Stephanie's fruitcake.