Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pop Quiz #1

1. Who is Strega Nona's BIG bumbling helper?
2. What was the name of the little girl in THE LEGEND OF THE BLUEBONNET?
3. When Tomie was five, his family moved into a new home. What was the address of the new house?
4. Morgan has a twin sister. What is her name?
5. Tomie has an Airedale terrier named Bronte. But, he once had four dogs of the same breed: Madison, Morgan, Moffat and Markus. What was the breed?
6. What state does Tomie dePaola now live in?
7. What did Tommy see in the sky after his great-grandmother died?
8. What was the name of the 100th book that Tomie illustrated?
9. Tomie has two sisters. Name one of them.
10. Who is Bill the crocodile's best friend?
11. Why is the Bad Guy famous?
12. What is the name of Jamie O'Rourke's wife?
13. What name did Little Grunt choose for the baby dinosaur?

1. Big Anthony
2. She-Who-Is-Alone
3. 26 Fairmount Avenue
4. Moffat
5. Welsh terrier
6. New Hampshire
7. A falling star
9. Maureen or Judie
10. Pete, the "toothbrush" bird
11. He runs outside without wearing clothes.
12. Eileen
13. George

Are you as smart as retired (EARLY retired) schoolteacher Elizabeth Masucci who correctly answered all of the questions?