Thursday, January 1, 2009 Is New, Too!

The above illustration is the new Home Page for It was created, with permission, by website designers Porter and Marikka using elements from THE SONG OF FRANCIS.

The January Splash Page has been posted. Although I don't agree with the sentiment, "Let It Snow," it's an appropriate January Splash Page. The drawing was created by 8-year-old Marlo. Marlo's third grade teacher is Erin Keller. Thanks, Marlo and Erin!

The January calendar has also been posted at This calendar has a new calendar feature: Questions and Answers about Tomie's books. Will all of Tomie's self-proclaimed "biggest" fans be able to answer the questions?

(As I'm writing this post, Tomie is sort of watching - mostly sleeping - "Secrets of a Restaurant Chef," with host Anne Burrell, on the Food Network. So, in the background, I'm listening to Anne Burrell make odd grunting sounds and equally odd statements. It's very strange.)