Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Grandma Moses, Mozart and dePaola

Mrs. Floyd's first grade class at Albert Michelson Elementary in Murphys, California chose me to be their Author of the Month. I was in good company as Mozart was the Composer of the Month and Grandma Moses was the Artist of the Month.

Class: We studied about you. We learned that you have a dog, and a genius brain. You've written over 600 books. You like to draw hearts, and you're good at making books.
Tomie: Well... I haven't written over 600 books.

Class: What color is your hair?
Tomie: A lovely shade of white.

Class: Are you a magician?
Tomie: Friends says my "fettuccine with lemon sauce" is magically delicious.

Class: How old do you think you'll live to be?
Tomie: I've recently been getting a lot of age questions. I have lots of ideas for books, and I have lots of bills to pay. So, I think I'll live ten, twenty, thirty, maybe forty more years!