Monday, March 9, 2009

An Impolite Funny Kisser

Third graders at Arbury Hills School in Mokena, Illinois didn't hold back in their letters.

John: It's impolite to get busted by your parents by drawing under the covers or drawing on the wall under the wallpaper.
Tomie: I didn't even know the word "impolite" when I was in third grade.

Katlyn: We watched a video of you when you said you drew on your sheets and your wall behind wallpaper. Once my nephew did that and he was in big trouble.
Tomie: I hope your "nephew" didn't get in too much trouble, Katlyn.

Nicholas: Your video was the best. It is the one with the sheep, TOM, STREGA NONA and the picture with Strega Nona. The part at the end was the funniest when you were kissing.
Tomie: NOW, I'm a funny kisser. You aren't the first to tell me.