Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blame It on the Jugglers!

Ron Herman's second grade class at Chestnut Ridge School in Rochester, New York, have ideas for more Strega Nona books.

Anthony: Big Anthony and Strega Nona go salsa dancing.

Tomie: Have you been watching "Dancing with the Stars?"

Abby: I have an idea for a new one. It's called STREGA NONA GOES TO A SLEEPOVER. Strega Nona goes to Strega Amelia's house for a sleepover. Bambolona gets the flu. Strega Nona tells Strega Amelia that Bambolona is sick. Strega Amelia goes to Strega Nona's house to take care of Bambolona. Strega Amelia tells Big Anthony to go into town to buy chicken noodle soup. But Big Anthony sees jugglers and gets distracted. He forgets and then buys vegetable soup.

Tomie: Oh no! NOT vegetable soup! Those darn jugglers!