Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Kind of Cake?

Mrs. Reynolds and Mr. Wall's second grade class at Grant Elementary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are persuasive.

Jose: You must come to our school. My teacher is a huge fan of yours and now so am I.

Leonardo: If you come, I will make you a cake.

Nathaniel: I'll let you stay at my house.

Romeo: We will pay for your plane ticket if you come.

Salvador: I will give you a lot of my drawings.

Diana (pronounced dee-ana): I will give you a car.

Mariana: I'll buy you a suit.

Sendy: I'll give you paper to draw for us.

Selena: I'll pay for you to stay at a hotel.

Katelyn: I'll buy you a paint set.

Tomie: Well, I DO need a new suit, and I would like a cake. But, I no longer visit schools as I once did. Although I'm only 39 years old, I feel as if I'm 74 years old, and school visits take more energy than I have. Thanks for asking, and offering such great rewards!