Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Book Connections

Virginia Osborne's second grade class at Russell Elementary in Smyrna, Georgia, made personal connections to my books.

George: My favorite book is BIG ANTHONY, HIS STORY. That's my favorite book because it shows you that one little word can make you mess up. This reminds me of the time when my mom left me home with my sister. She said don't answer the phone, and all I heard was answer the phone.

Morgan: I can relate to Big Anthony. When my mom said not to go outside but I wasn't listening so I went. My mom said didn't I tell you not to go outside. I do not know. Go back inside. So I went back inside.

Brandon: I can make a connection to THE ART LESSON. It's when I colored on my mom's bed sheet with a Sharpie marker.

Katie: My favorite book is STREGA NONA, HER STORY. Because the goat got on top of her house I can relate to your story because one time my brother got on top of my house.

Kyle: My favorite book is STREGA NONA. I am helpful just like Strega Nona and I like spaghetti. If my mom and dad had a magic pasta pot my mom wouldn't have to make food for us and my dad wouldn't have to burn our food. So that would be great.