Monday, November 23, 2009


We just got back from the Wound Healing Center at Concord (NH) Hospital. We have been going three times each week for the past month.

(In late June, there was a tophaceous eruption, caused by a gout flare-up, on the top of Tomie's left foot, and a large crater-like wound developed. After months of weekly, and then twice-weekly, visits to the foot doctor at Concord Hospital, Tomie was referred to the Wound Center in September for more intensive treatment.)

As of this morning, the wound has healed well enough that the doctor "paroled," to use the doctor's word, Tomie. That is, going forward Tomie needs to have his wound examined on a weekly basis, and the dressing no longer needs to be changed twice each day, but instead the dressing can be changed once every other day.

It does seems as if our lives no longer need to revolve around the wound.

Just in the nick of time as they now will revolve around "Tomie's Christmas."