Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Similarities and Differences Between the '30s and 2010

Miss Fry teaches third grade at Cleveland School in Chicago: My third graders have been studying the 1930s and we read 26 FAIRMOUNT AVENUE to learn more about the time period. They wanted to tell you the difference between the 1930s and 2010.

Annelisse: When you were minuscule you were indimtical to us because we both watch TV and movies. We both have schools and we both move to other houses. We also know our own way home! But what you and I dodn't have in common is with us I never in my life ran away from school! I have a inquiry. Why did you call groun-ups Miss, Mr. or Mrs.? Remember when you went to kinder gardin you didn't learn to read? But know we do learn how to read in kinder gardin. Thats a bummer right?

Tomie: We called grown-ups Miss, Mr. or Mrs. as a sign of respect. And, it was a bummer that we didn't learn to read in kindergarten. (I don't think the word "bummer" existed in the '30s.)