Tuesday, October 26, 2010

World Travelers

Mrs. Symmes's first grade class at Mulberry Elementary in Auburn, Georgia, wrote letters (VERY long letters for first graders).

David: We have been studying on your oathor study. First we studied your memwars. Then we studied your family. Then we made passports. And we travled the world. First we went to Ireland we learned about the hole intire cultur. We also read some of your Irish foctals. They were super cool books. We even had a super awsome cool Irish party. We ate delosos patato soup. Next we traveled to Italy. And we learned all about Italy. It was super fun. We ate delosos sapagete. We read tuns of books about Italy. Strega Nona and Big Anthony books were the best. I love Big Anthony. After that I went to Texas. And read The Legend of the blueblonets.

Steven: Did you really put on lipstick if you did to would be soooooooooooooooooooooo harlyis?

Tomie: Yes, it's true. "One day when no one was around, I sat there and put on my mother's lipstick, pretending to be Miss Mae West." HERE WE ALL ARE

Caden: Did you really see a shooting star when both nanas die?

Tomie: Yes. I told this story in NANA UPSTAIRS & NANA DOWNSTAIRS.

Jake: Do you still make paper dolls?

Tomie: No. I wrote about making paper dolls and playing with paper dolls in WHY?

Morgan: Did you call your self Oliver in Oliver botton is a sissy?

Tomie: Not really. OLIVER BUTTON IS A SISSY is very loosely based on my life.

Ashton: By the way I have a contion of Jamie O'Rourk. I am lazy and I go to sleep like him.

Tomie: Many of us probably have that condition.

Megan: Did you really burn your hair?

Tomie: In WHY? I wrote about the time that I used my mother's curling iron and the curling iron was too hot. The result was a big burned-out spot of hair.