Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bronte!

Today Bronte is eight. (Tomie will be 78 on Saturday.)

If Bronte could talk, he might say, "Getting older isn't for the timid."

Bronte had his left eye removed nearly three weeks ago because of tumors in the eye. This past weekend, just as he was feeling better after eye surgery, his rear left leg started bothering him.

After two visits to the vet, and an X-ray, Bronte has started weekly injections and a daily dosage of an NSAID to alleviate the discomfort from a slight tear in the "knee" and arthritis.

The irony is that Bronte now feels great and has lots of energy and wants to run around and play fetch and catch, but he is supposed to stay relatively quiet. In fact, I need to lift him in and out of the car, and onto Tomie's bed at night so that his "knee" can recover. When he brings a toy to one of us to throw so that he can run and retrieve it, we can't engage him in running games. He's a bit confused.

Bronte will have to quietly celebrate his birthday.