Monday, October 21, 2013

Judith Rosen with Sir Henry Vane and Tomie

Judith Rosen of PUBLISHERS WEEKLY met Tomie at the Boston Public Library for an interview prior to Tomie's Keynote talk at the Boston Book Festival.

The library had yet to open when Judith came up to Tomie in front of the library and introduced herself. So, Judith and Tomie sat outside the library in the sunshine and talked.

I observed. It appeared to me that Judith's focus was intended to be on Tomie's new book, STREGA NONA DOES IT AGAIN. But, Judith's efforts to get Tomie to focus on the book mostly failed. Tomie found Judith herself far too interesting, and wanted to just talk... about this, and that, and lots of things.

I was amused, and entertained. I imagine Judith's article will end with "Tomie dePaola's newest book is STREGA NONA DOES IT AGAIN." The story that precedes that line will have little to do with the new book.

I can't wait to see what she writes.