Thursday, October 3, 2013

Junior Prom, Meriden, Connecticut, 1952

Left to Right: Buddy dePaola, Gerry Meoni, Sandra Schocket (nee Klamkin), Tomie

Gerry's mother was very strict and wouldn't let Gerry go to the Junior Prom on November 22, 1952. But, Flossie, Tomie's mother, didn't agree.

So, Flossie arranged for Buddy (just out of the National Guard after serving in Germany) to accompany Gerry to the Prom. Tomie, a freshman at Pratt Institute, accompanied Gerry's best friend, Sandra.

The theme of the Prom was "Dreamer's Paradise."

Gerry gave this photo to Tomie at the R.J. Julia autographing on Friday of last week.