Friday, April 15, 2011

From Joseph the Principal

Joseph is the principal of an elementary school in Connecticut: I feel compelled to write to you because your literature and stories has impacted my life and created a love of reading and learning... I can vividly remember my mother bringing myself and my siblings to the Meriden Public Library to hear you read your books... Growing up as a first generation Italian-American, it was great to read stories that reflected and represented my life, culture, experiences, and stories from my Nanna and Nonno. My fondest memories revolve around my mother reading STREGA NONA to me (I was equally as excited when I was able to read it to my mother and father)... Your literature was influential in my formative years and now I am a principal of an elementary school... I plan to work with my teachers and my own family using your books as the method to deliver my love of reading and the appreciation of family.

Tomie: Thank you for the lovely note.