Saturday, April 23, 2011

Letters to Oliver Button

Mandy Carbajal's third grade class at Sir Winston Churchill Public School in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, read OLIVER BUTTON IS A SISSY, and wrote letters to Oliver.

Yehan: We know that bulling is a bad thing to do. You were such a good boy when the boys were bulling you. Because you didn't bully back. I know you tried your best. We know that the tree kinds of bulling are hiting, calling names, and leaving other out.

Tori: I fell so good about your book and the most part that help me in real life about how to dell with bolles and before I thoth that the book was bad but as thay thay say dot gog a book by its cover.

O.G.: When I red your story I did not understand why people called you a sissy. Being diffrent is a good thing not bad. I wonder why people keep calling you a sissy when you're so brave and confident and persaverent.

Sara: I like your book, and I like when you ignor the bully's. and I love your book. and you are a good studinte to Miss Leah. and you are so nice to Ms. Leah your dance teacher and she is nice to you to.