Saturday, December 14, 2013

If You Had a Magic Pot...

During Mr. Menta's library class in Milford, Connecticut, Mrs. Toole's second graders answered the question: If you had a magic pot like Strega Nona, how would you help people and why?

Some of the answers were:
If some people were blind I would try to make eye cameras and put it on their eyes. If some people did not have money I will give them golden eggs. When people are sick I will give them good treats. When people are kidnapped I will get a scary snake and scare the kidnappers. If people were hurt I would give them a first aid kit.

I would feed the poor popcorn. And I would give the poor a big pot of pasta. And I will make clouse for peopole that dont have any. I will make pizza for eveyboby.

I will give food to the uther pepel. I will give them mony for clows. I will sing them a song. I will give them ice crem. I will give them books to read.

I would giv pleop muney. Be cas peopl can get food. Food is inpornet. They need food. for they can be strong and brave.