Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sheilah Beckett

Illustrations by Sheilah Beckett
1954 © by Simon and Schuster, Inc.,
and Artists and Writers Guild, Inc.

Tomie started seeing the work of Sheilah Beckett in CORONET magazine while he was in junior high school. He fell in love with it.

He especially loved this double-page spread when he was studying at Pratt. It was as if he was going to the ballet when he looked at this illustration.

Tomie wrote Sheilah Beckett a fan letter many years ago. He continued to send her Christmas cards each year. This year's card was followed by a note from one of Sheilah Beckett's sons. Sheilah Beckett had died in late November at the age of 100.

Look at this Facebook page to learn more about one of the artists Tomie loved as a young adult and art student.