Tuesday, November 25, 2008

If You Have a Question, Put Both Hands on the Top of Your Head

Debbie Lolla teaches students with enquiring minds at Woodlawn School.

Comment: I learned that you should write down every memory possible.
A: Great idea if you have the time.

Q: Does your hand get tired?
A: Yes, it does. I have had surgeries on my hand and shoulder because of stress from writing, illustrating AND autographing. I've begun to use a pre-printed signature on fan mail notes to give my hand a rest. At autographings, I only sign "Tomie (year)" on books to give my hand and wrist more rest.

Q: Did you ever get tired of writing?
A: I don't get tired of writing and illustrating, but sometimes I don't have as many ideas as I'd like. So, I can't write because I can't think of any good ideas.

Q: Why didn't you ever mention your other sister?
A: Did she pay you to ask that question? My sister Judie will someday be in a "26 Fairmount Avenue" chapter book. But, she isn't born yet in the books. Judie is a lot younger than me.

Q: Why do you do different styles of illustrating (color or no color)?
A: I only make black-and-white drawings for the insides of the chapter books because that's what the publisher wanted me to do.

Q: My favorite utensil for drawing is oil pastels. What is your favorite utensil for drawing?
A: I use colored pencil, and paintbrushes and acrylics.