Thursday, November 20, 2008

Students with A Lot on Their Minds

Diane Humphrey's class at Ault Elementary made several notable comments in their letters.

Comment: I think you should make a sequel to OLIVER BUTTON IS A SISSY perhaps called OLIVER BUTTON PLAYS FOOTBALL.
A: Here's the problem with that idea. Oliver Button isn't very good at sports. Perhaps a new book could be called OLIVER BUTTON SINGS.

Comment: My favorite book is STREGA NONA'S MAGIC LESSONS. It teaches you to listen to other people.
A: What? I wasn't listening. (I think it's great that you learned a lesson from STREGA NONA'S MAGIC LESSONS, but I didn't write the story with a lesson in mind.)

Question/Comment: Man, where do I start? I love your books. They're wonderful.
A: Man, that's a pretty good start! I love your comments.

Comment: You're the best author and illustrator I ever heard of!
A: Don't listen if someone wants to tell you about a better author and illustrator. Put your hands over your ears and say, "I can't hear you!"