Monday, April 20, 2009

Carolina or Duke

Carolyn Burke's second grade library classes at Madison Elementary in McLeansville, North Carolina had some questions.

Q: Do you have a garden?
A: I have several gardens, but none of them are vegetable gardens. They are all flower gardens. There also are two small corn fields in the meadow maintained by my local nursery, Spring Ledge Farm. Spring Ledge Farm will be planting a lupine field for me in the meadow this spring.

Q: What is your biggest secret?
A: It's a secret.

Q: Do you like music?
A: Do you mean tunes? I like music, especially soundtracks.

Q: Do you like chapter books?
A: I love MY chapter books.

Q: Do you like Harry Potter books?
A: Not so much.

Q: Do you like Carolina or Duke best?
A: You're not talking about people, are you? I'm not a fan of Carolina. I'm not a fan of Duke.