Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Will the Real First Grade Teacher Stand Up?!

Many students in L. Isenberg's third grade class at PS 30 in Staten Island, New York asked the same question as Jerry: In THE ART LESSON, you said your first grade teacher was Ms. Landers. But in ON MY WAY, your first grade teacher was Ms. Kiniry. Who was your real first grade teacher?

Tomie: I changed some of the names in THE ART LESSON. But, the names are accurate in ON MY WAY and the other "26 Fairmount Avenue" autobiographical chapter books. So, my kindergarten teacher was Miss Immick. My first grade teacher was Miss Kiniry. My second grade teacher was Miss Gardner. My third grade teacher for the first part of the year was Miss Bailey. We got a substitute teacher for the second part of the year.