Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Mean and Grouchy Baby Sister

Hira in Randi Schneiderman's third grade class at PS 238 in Brooklyn, New York: I could relate to BABY SISTER because I have one too. My baby sister is now 3 years old. She used to be cuddly and cute, but now she is mean and grouchy.

Esther: Do you know that book BABY SISTER? I once felt that way. My cousin had a baby boy. She's from my father's side. Everybody was talking and surrounding around the baby. They forgot about me. So I went in my room and watched TV.

Komal: I have a sister like you did in the book THE BABY SISTER. Let me tell you your sister was just born, but when they grow up to be 3 or 4 years old, they get mean. When they're small, you should play a lot because they grow to get so mean. I liked my sister when she was small but now sometimes I don't like her. But then she is nice to me.

Gregory: When I was born it was raining.
Tomie: Your memory is even better than mine!