Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Yoke

Tomie has just agreed to cook with Mary Ann Esposito on her cooking show, "Ciao Italia." The taping will take place this summer, and the cooking will occur in Tomie's kitchen. Her show airs on public television. The show with Tomie will be part of her new season. Cardoons will be the focus of the program. Oh my!

Secret #3, mentioned weeks ago, is that Tomie will be a featured speaker at the Children's Book & Author Breakfast at BookExpo America in late May. Meg Cabot and Amy Krouse Rosenthal will also be featured speakers. Julie Andrews will be the host. When Tomie was invited to be a speaker, a certain African-American host of "The View" was thought to be the host. Connie and Peggy, owners of our local Morgan Hill Bookstore, will be at the breakfast as guests of Tomie's publisher, Penguin Young Readers Group.