Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mike of New Jersey

Mike of South Hackensack, New Jersey, wrote a lovely letter.

"I guess the story begins in 1992 when I entered the first grade. I had just moved to a new town and it was my first day in a new school. My teacher, Mrs. Kipp, was reading us a book titled Strega Nona and was explaining to us how you were her favorite author. She had a picture of you in class and what seemed to be like hundreds of copies of your various stories. Little did I know at that time, but you would also become one of my favorite authors and artists as well. Your stories such as Strega Nona, The Art Lesson, and Strega Nona Meets Her Match still bring back fond memories of very happy times when I was a little boy. Seeing your illustrations simply brings a smile to my face and I am happy you have shared your gift with the world."