Friday, March 18, 2011

Farmer Tomie

Ryan, Matt, Julienne, Jacob and Kelsey are fifth graders in Ms. Skapof's class at Williston Central School in Williston, Vermont. They created the book FARMER TOMIE GOES TO THE FAIR.

Page one:
Once there was an adventurous farmer named Tomie. Farmer Tomie was on his way to the fair along with his sheep, Goldilocks, and his dog, Runaway.

The text for the above drawing:
Farmer Tomie saw the tiger in the jungle but the tiger didn't see him yet. They tried to runaway but Runaway accidentally stepped on a branch.

"Wait!" the tiger said.

"Run!" Tomie shouted.

"Stop! My name is Hobbes. You must be Farmer Tomie and Runaway the Dog and Goldilocks the Sheep," said Hobbes. "I was told to take you to Joe the Monkey. He was an acrobat in the fair. Hop on!"

"Okay, come on Runaway and Goldilocks," said Tomie.

"Okay!" they said.

Last page:
After meeting Ellie Elephant, Sara the Snake, Hobbes the Tiger, and Joe the Monkey, Tomie made it to the fair just in time for the animal show...

(Click on the drawing to get a better look.)