Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Victoria and Great-Auntie Penny

My name is Victoria. I am eight years old and I live in England. My mother grew up in Connecticut; so did many other of my American relatives. My Great Grandmother Cornelia knew the Downey family. You probably won't remember her, but my great-auntie Penny, who lives on Lake Sunapee, got you to sign my first book of yours, 26 Fairmount Avenue. I like your books so much because they draw me in. It feels like I'm standing right by you when I read. I also like them because I know a lot about America and the books are really interesting to me because the Tomie in the books sounds too little to be eight but too smart to be five. Have you ever been to England? I hear you have four dogs.

Tomie: Victoria, I have been to England several times. I have dear friends in London and elsewhere in England.

I now only have one dog, Bronte.