Thursday, March 10, 2011

Strega Amelia Goes to Jail

Evan is in Teresa Adams's second grade class at Fairview Elementary in Columbia, Missouri. He wrote a story.

Strega Nona and the Baby

One day in a town in Calabria, a long time ago Strega Nona went to her garden to gather spicese. While in her garden she heard the cry of a baby so she went towards the sound. When she got to where the sound was comming from she saw a baby. So Strega Nona took the baby home to take care of it.

When she got home she told Big Anthony to build the baby a crib. While Big Anthony was busy Strega Nona made a lost baby sign to put in town square.

The next day Strega Nona went to check on the baby. But the baby was gone. So she went to town and ask everybody if they took the baby. But every body said no.

Then Strega Nona knew who took the baby it was Strega Amelia who took it so she marched down to Strega Amelia house to get the baby back. When she got thier Strega Amelia wasn't thier. So Strega Nona went to find her.

Then Strega Nona found her got the baby and found the rightful owener.

Then Strega Amelia in jail.

The End