Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cristina's Testimonial

Tomie received a letter from 11-year-old Cristina in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

"I read your book 26 FAIRMOUNT AVENUE. The reason for writing this letter to you is because I wanted to tell you how your book changed my life.

"Before I read your book I was 4 years old when I moved to a new town. It was very scary for me because I didn't have any friends. I also didn't know my way around. I felt very lonely. This time in my life was a very unhappy time. It took a while to get used to things and I thought that I was the only person who was upset.

"This book changed my life. You have taught me that it's ok to move. It would be fun to move again because you're living in a different house. You also helped me through a rough time because you were excited to move. When I read your book I thought about my new house getting built. You also really inspired me by not getting upset if I know that I have to move again. In 26 FAIRMOUNT AVENUE, you showed me how other people can be helpful during difficult times of moving into a new home, but you can get through it."

Thanks for writing, Cristina!