Saturday, February 21, 2009

No Stone Left Unturned

Audrey Brundirks' class at Huron Elementary in Clinton Township, Michigan wrote letters. A unique question was asked in one of the letters.

Noah: My favorite book is THE LEGEND OF THE INDIAN PAINTBRUSH because I like to paint. What is your favorite book? What is your least favorite book?

Tomie: No one, that I can remember, has ever asked which is my LEAST favorite book of my own. I have two: SOUND SCIENCE and LIGHT AND SIGHT. The former was published in 1968 and the latter was published in 1969. The stories were written by Melvin L. Alexenberg. Both featured characters called Gloops. Mr. Alexenberg created the Gloops and told me how they should look. So, I didn't have much flexibility when I illustrated these stories, and that's why they're my LEAST favorite books of my own.