Sunday, February 15, 2009

They're Talking About Me in Providence, Rhode Island!

Jenny is in Mrs. Celio's fifth grade class at Laurel Hill Avenue School.

Jenny: I have just finished reading your story 26 FAIRMOUNT AVENUE. It is a very charming read, funny and realistic. One of the best books yet.
Tomie: Would you tell Oprah?

Jenny: In the book KNOCK, KNOCK! I don't get your Knock-Knock joke Sam and Janet - if you don't mind explaining.
Tomie: I play with the words "Sam and Janet" and the song "Some Enchanted Evening." You might need to be a little older to understand.

Jenny: About how many times do you make a drawing until you are completely satisfied with it?
Tomie: Each drawing is different. Sometimes I'm satisfied immediately with it. But, sometimes I'll have to work on a drawing for a long time before it's right. I'll even rip up the drawing and start over if necessary.

Jenny: How long does it usually take for a story or picture to come out right?
Tomie: Each story is different. Some stories will take only a few weeks, and some will take months or years to complete.

Jenny: When you were in high school did you think you would become a writer and illustrator?
Tomie: I wanted to be an artist and draw pictures and write stories for books when I was only four years old. I went to an art school after I graduated from high school to learn children's book illustration. But, I was always good at writing, and an editor once suggested to me that I try to write a story to illustrate.