Monday, February 16, 2009

They're Talking About Me in Aurora, Colorado!

Mrs. Sniegowski's third grade reading class at Buffalo Trail Elementary wrote: "Each day, we try to write as vividly as you. We are working right now on adding exciting verbs and juicy details to make exciting, descriptive sentences. We were wondering, how did you get inspired to write? How do you get over writer's block? Also, do you have any advice for us as writers?"

Tomie: I, for one, want to read those sentences with exciting verbs and juicy details!

Tomie: I find inspiration in many different places and in many different ways. Last year, I had writer's block for several months. I kept talking with people about some ideas for stories, and eventually I started writing again. But, it was scary. I even asked young writer and illustrator Jarrett Krosoczka at my 74th birthday dinner if he would take time out of his creative day to come to my studio to help me unblock. I needed everybody's help!

Tomie: My advice for writers? Read, read, read.