Monday, November 1, 2010

The ABCs of Tomie dePaola

Jessica Kovacs is a student teacher in Mrs. Duffy's second grade class at Thomas Paine Elementary in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. At the end of Ms. Kovacs's author study, the class created a Tomie dePaola ABC Book.

Adelma is the artist for "D is for Tomie dePaola": I learned Tomie's last name does not begin with a capital letter. Only the P is capitalized because that's the way he likes to write it.

A is for Big Anthony
B is for Meet the Barkers
C is for The Cloud Book
D is for Tomie dePaola
E is for William Everett
F is for Four Friends in Autumn
G is for Little Grunt and the Big Egg
H is for Helga's Dowry
I is for Inga
J is for Joey
K is for The Knight and the Dragon
L is for The Legend of the Bluebonnet
M is for Moffie
N is for Strega Nona
O is for Oliver
P is for Pancakes for Breakfast
Q is for The Quilt Story
R is for T-Rex Is Missing
S is for Oliver Button Is a Sissy
T is for Tony's Bread
U is for Unusual
(Calvin: Strega Nona is an unusual tale because it is based on the folk tale "The Porridge Pot." The character Strega Nona was created and porridge was changed to pasta.)
V is for The Vanishing Pumpkin
W is for One-Who-Dearly-Loved-Her-People
X is for eXample of a great author
Y is for New York Times
(People love the work of Tomie dePaola. THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW said that dePaola is a "great contemporary picture-book writer.")
Z is for The Carsick Zebra