Friday, November 26, 2010

Spelling Dousint Count

Mrs. Clifford's second grade class at Warren School in Ashland, Massachusetts, wrote letters and ideas for Big Anthony stories.

Anna: Have you ever ben to Russia?

Tomie: No, I haven't.

Mary: You have amasing word choice in your wonderful books. And I love how you use capitals!! And I love your perids!!

Travis: Do you want to have a writeing contest? Who can write the neatist? (PS spelling dousint count.) Olso can you come to my school? I'll be your servent for the rest of your life.

Tomie: Travis, your penmanship is neater than mine. You win! Also, I can't visit your school, but thanks for inviting me.

Emma's idea for a Big Anthony story...
Pleas write a book cold Big Anthony go to coeg. it shod be adout him tring to stude how to be a magic man and he kepes messing up. So he got kicked out of colig. and then serches and serches for schools. one day a 2nd grate teacher came over to him. She could not see so she sed you should not be over thier. Go on the play groud.

Tomie: That's quite an idea, Emma. I think you should write more. You've already imagined a lot of the story.