Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hard at Work, by Daniel

Ms. Potter is a second grade teacher at Liberty Magnet School in Springfield, Massachusetts: I have one boy Daniel who was extremely inspired by your artistic ability and perseverance. He has great talent and is now assured he too will be an illustrator. I have included one drawing that he made just for you. It is you working hard in your art studio.

Tomie: Great job, Daniel!

Ms. Potter: My favorite book is OLIVER BUTTON IS A SISSY. At a time when bullying is at its worst here in Western Massachusetts there is no better media for young children than a book with such a strong simple message.

Tomie: Thank you for your note. It's sad that bullying is so common. I recently heard that bullying is now being seen in kindergarten classes.

Click on the drawing to get a closer look.